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Founder: Analytical Engine Interactive Inc.          aei_logo_email_sig

I’ve recently left my 10-year stint as Director of Interactive at TVO & 18-month stint as Director of Interactive at Q Media Solutions to start up my own company, Analytical Engine Interactive Inc.  I do what I’ve been doing for the last 10 or so years: help businesses operate in the online environment which, I believe, is pretty much non-negotiable these days.  What, exactly, does that mean?

Well, during my time at TVO, I was executive in charge of production on more than a dozen multi platform convergent projects, including Green Heroes, a multi-year, multi platform environmental awareness campaign that moved audiences from inspiration to action with a mobile Challenge App that lets you make positive environmental change in your own home and community.  I was the Content and Development lead on tvoparents.com, an all-new original content website for TVO that serves as a popular digital content marketing channel for TVOkids.  And I led the complete rebrand and redesign of tvo.org that transformed TVO from being “your grandmother’s sweater” into a digital public media channel that engages audiences in social-issue public education and civic engagement campaigns like Yourvote2011.ca, Mental Health Matters, and Why Poverty?

Good at Math

I’m a firm believer in numbers, specifically ROI. Measuring, analyzing and understanding online behavior leads to deeper understanding of your target audience, which and leads to the production of more effective content and ultimately a deeper relationship with your audience.

Change is the New Black. And I Love Black

At Q Media I worked on a web series called PULL exploring how technology is changing the engagement organizations are having with their stakeholders.  Interviewees included health care gurus working with wearable tech,  Content Strategy guru Margot Bloomstein, Don Tapscott, and Henry Jenkins.

I’m not an actor-but I played one on TV

One of the best fringe benefits of having done 10 years of acting and improv training is that I am a comfortable and experienced public speaker and workshop facilitator.  I’ve run workshops with as few as 6 people on social media, communications, and pitching; strategic planning  and focus groups with more than a dozen participants; and change-making unconferences with over a hundred attendees.

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46 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ian Fults

    BIG fan growing up on the classic TV show you were on, YCDTOT.

    And so wonderful to see you working on your dream projects.

    I look forward to following your blogs and when you have time, check out our Anti-bullying project, ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC, at the website I added.

    Your fan.

    Ian Fults

    1. Brian

      i am a big fan of you can’t do that on television, especially yours, I always thought you were pretty even if you were the victim of all those gags

      1. Ken

        Same here! Btw, we definitely need an official release of YCDTOTV. And an official release of Kablam! and Roundhouse as well. And can we get Mr. Wizard’s World while we are at it?

  2. Michael Bayham

    Stumbled upon this while doing some research on Canada’s War of 1812 bicentennial celebrations (kind of like the Kevin Bacon linkage game- one Canadian link led to another, etc.). As a kid loved watching You Can’t Do That On Television. Come to think of it, you were probably the first female television host I ever remember seeing. Glad to see you are well and pursuing projects that reflect your spirit. Thanks for the memories Moose!

    1. Geoff

      Hi Christine,

      It’s wonderful to see some classic tv shows coming to life on dvd (better yet, blu-ray). It’s a shame “You Can’t Do That On Television” hasn’t been released, though. I’ve been wondering for years why not and thought maybe you have as well.

  3. luis

    Stumbled across this page while looking surfing down memory lane.
    I believe I had forgotten about you and your character until I saw a pic…..then….wow….the floodgates open.

    I loved the show and I had a crush on you……what great and amazing memories. You were a part of our lives, we felt like we were a part of yours.

    Thank you and I hope you are blessed with cherished memories like the ones you provided.

  4. M B

    Wow! Moose of You Can’t Do That on TV fame!
    Memories came back when I checked out some recent Barth Burger funnies on Youtube.
    You had great tolerance for water, slime and milk downpour abuse.
    One wonders if trigger words like “Water” or “I Don’t Know” would be banned. HAHA!
    It’s good to know what former actors/actresses are doing after TV shows we saw in the 80’s!
    Enjoy your many years to come.

  5. sean northern

    Hi mrs mcglade
    hi ny name is sean and i would like to tell you that i’m a fan of your show
    (you can’t do that on television)
    i would also like to ask you if you could please send me your autograph
    thanks and god bless
    sean nrthern
    1404 s jardot stillwater ok 74074

  6. Sue Thompson

    Hi Christine. I was showing my 4 kids your show and telling them the funny story about how my best friend and I auditioned at Lester B. years ago and how my very funny friend was picked to go on to the real auditions at the studio. I always remembered you as very talented and so funny, and really treasured our friendship as children. I remember going to the first taping and being so proud that you were chosen. So I was quite puzzled and hurt to say the least to see your recollection of the story. Perhaps you didn’t really remember me as well as I remember you but I had no training in ballet or drama and did not have any anger or jealousy about not being picked. If anything I would say it was a big relief as I was quite shy. In any case I hope that life has treated you well and that you are happy.
    Susan Henry

    1. Christine

      Hi Susan! Where did you see my recollection of the story?? It may not have been my recollection; there is a fair bit of “lore” out there and I know that I have read things that I definitely don’t remember that way, and that I know I never said happened that way. I don’t believe I have ever said you had taken drama or ballet, cuz I do remember that you didn’t, and I also of course remember you were not jealous of me nor were you even a jealous person at all! I hope you’re well too!

  7. Scott Sundstrom

    hey Christine, sitting here watching you get water poured on you. any way thinking I heard you a marketing
    director for a big company, I read your last memo on face book that you sent to me. hope the concert you went to was a lot of fun. sorry I could not attend the fund raiser. I realy wish I could meet you . you seem like a really fun person to be with I just wish I had the courage to ask you for your autograph, oops I guess
    I just did. please email me and let me know what you think. by the you still are very pretty. I just love my I pad mini. iam still learning how to use it. oh by the amazon .com has on line episodes right now of the show
    you cant do that on television. they can be down loaded on to any I pad or laptop very easily.
    please feel free to email me at scsundstrom@aol.com. thanks scott

  8. John

    I grew up with YCDTOT. With Nick At Nite and PBS you guys were my babysitters and a vital part of what I would consider a well rounded and healthy upbringing.
    It was you and Les that made that show.

    Thank you.

  9. sean northern

    Hi Christine
    hi my name is sean and i would like to ask you if you could please send me your autograph
    thanks and god bless
    sean northern
    1404 s jardot stillwater ok 74074
    405 372 5501

  10. TL Foreman


    I was such a fan of your work on YCDOTOT and would love the chance to interview you about your time on that show, but also talk with you about your digital media company and what you have going on right now. I look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Gerald Logue

    Hey Christine,
    I recently rediscovered YCDTOT online, watched a few episodes, and remembered why I liked it so much back in the 80s… Anywho. back in the 80s, I used to wonder how you got the nickname “Moose”(although I did learn the reason while looking up information on the show), you just didn’t seem to me to be someone who would have that nickname. I do have one question for you, if you don’t mind me asking, if back in the day, if you could have done an episode were you got to choose your co-stars, who would you have chosen?

  12. Jason

    Dear Ms. McGlade,

    I grew up watching you on YCDTOTV and 14 year old me would be very upset with me if he knew that I had the means to communicate with you and didn’t leave a comment professing the mastodonic crush he has on you.

    Of course I explained to him that leaving such a comment on here wouldn’t likely be well received and, perhaps, could come off as a bit creepy. But he persisted, so here I am. My apologies. He’s quite socially awkward and I don’t know if…. oh… right. I forgot about the slime thing.

    Thank you for enduring this drivel and have a great day!

    – Jason

  13. David Ryon

    Today, I was watching an ad for the Kids Choice TV awards on Nick. The whole ad revolved around people getting slimed in different ways which all started from YCDTOT. Its funny how this running gag from YCDTOT stills lives on Nick. I thought my Nick days were behind me until I remarried. I have a 4 and 6 year old daughter who watch Nick.

    I see they did a reboot of Boy Meets World which is now Girl Meets World with some of the actors from the original show. I think Nick is ready for a reboot of YCDTOT. You should pitch the idea and direct it and of course show up in some episodes for fans like us who loved you in the original.

  14. sean northern

    Hi my name is sean and i would like to ask you if you could please send me your autograph so i could add it to my lisa ruddy autograph
    thanks and god bless
    sean northern
    1404 s jardot stillwater

  15. Faye Polson

    My mind is blown.

    I was a big fan of YCDTOTV when I was a kid – we didn’t get to see it often, since we had peasant vision, and fighting for cable TV control at Gran’s amongst 10 kids was an arduous task at best – but the impression it made was long lasting.

    I had loved you on the show – always had – and when I mentioned it to my dad the other day he replied, “Best show on television. Their host, finest in the business. She was phenomenal.” I have to agree – I had stars in my eyes for you as a kid! And I cannot believe my dad remembered you – that says something, he can’t even get MY name right on a good day.

    Anyway, that’s a long winded way of saying I always thought you were awesome and admired you – then here this morning I decided to look you up on social media and discovered, we’re in the same business!!! I couldn’t believe it. Was super cool to discover that I had accidentally followed the steps of someone I looked up to as a kid. Makes me just a little bit prouder to be a part of this industry.

  16. Christine

    Well, that was an extremely lovely comment Faye! Thanks very much for posting and you make me proud to be in this industry too 🙂

  17. Tracy

    Back sometime in the early 1980s I swear I saw you in a movie on TV in America, where you played a babysitter or nanny, kidnapped two kids and at the end you told the little girl “we will make sacrifices to the moon.”
    Then got taken away by police then it was over.
    Was I dreaming this? Been looking online and can’t find anything about it. 🙁
    What was that film called???

    1. Bill

      I have memories of a commercial for this movie and the movie itself, of Christine saying something like “I’m your mommy now!”, and a memory of her covering up a license plate with paint or something similar. Also I remember she had a villain’s speech (on a beach, possibly?) where she mentioned what happened to her previous child victims in order to try to coerce her current victims.

  18. Mitch

    Oh good Lord 🙂

    I grew up on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel in the 80s. I must’ve sat through every episode of YCDTOT a hundred times or more. I’m in my 40’s now, and stumbled onto your blog here by accident.

    I hope you’re not embarrassed by me saying this, but you were one of my two main “puberty crushes” as I entered my teenaged years, the other being Diane Franklin’s French exchange student character in the film Better Off Dead, both quirky self reliant girls with cute cheeks and curly dark hair, go figure.

    You were always my favorite character, though it confused me as to why there were so many mean jokes about your appearance, as I always thought you were by far the cutest girl on the show (especially once I hit aged twelve, of course.)

    I’m married with a teenaged son now. My wife is a short, dark haired, highly intelligent, sassy smart @$$ with a bit of a tomboyish streak and a mischievous tendency towards practical jokes. Coincidence?

    …I don’t know. (*ducks for cover*)

    At any rate, just wanted to say hello and thank you for being there every day to cheer me up when I got home from school. I was a “latch key” kid, as both my parents worked, so you were the closest thing to a babysitter I had lol.


  19. Jim

    Just wanted to say hi from another fan from the 80’s. I actually discovered the show back 1986 or so. As a big fan of Monty Python and sketch comedy I guess I use to enjoy it even if it was aimed at people 10 years younger than me. I think I had a bit of a crush on you as well, but all that time I thought you were much younger than me when it turns out you are a few years older. Lol… well we didn’t have the Internet back then too google celebs.

    Anyway glad you survived teen tv star years and went on to be a happy productive adult. Not an easy task sometimes. 😉

  20. Joe Ruggiero

    Hello Christine,

    I remember watching some of those episodes starring you and the cast of YCDTOTV while in late high school and into my early college years (yes, I should have been studying, I know…). I must say you had a certain allure that kept my attention at the time ;). I stumbled upon this web site while searching upon names and events of my early adulthood and it makes me remember those years fondly. I am 52 and a father of 2 grown girls who have sadly left the nest. I read that you have 3 children of your own and I sincerely hope that the parental experience has been a rewarding one like mine. It would be cool and noteworthy if you could reprise your role as “Moose” in some form in the future. I would certainly tune in!

    Best Regards,
    Joe Ruggiero

  21. Nick

    Hey Christine!
    There was something I always wondered about You Can’t Do That On Television. It seemed like the kids (and especially YOU) would often be shown drinking coffee (pouring themselves a cup during the “coffee break” segments .In the “Strike Now” episode you were REALLY wanting a cup but Ross wouldn’t let you have it because you were on strike! In the Pop music episode Allister makes you dump you cup of coffee on yourself and there’s a bunch of other coffee drinking instances for you in the show. I was curious if that was supposed to be a joke by the writers, like a “this show is so negligent of it’s kids that it allows them to drink coffee” or if you guys really were just drinking coffee because you wanted it. I just thought it stood out because it was a lot less common for kids to be drinking coffee back in the 80’s. Let me know if you get a chance and thanks for all the years of entertainment!


    I am a big fan of yours. I would love to get a autographed picture of you. Can you please tell me where can I send you a SASE? I hope to hear from you real soon.
    Thank you.


    Blaine Davis

  23. John

    Hi Christine. I just wanted to tell you thank you for introducing me to the world of comedy as a kid with your antics on YCDOT.

    I love reading all your tech stuff as well.

  24. John W Reed

    Thanks for the memories. You are very blessed to be a person who has a made an impact on our world in many ways. Your time on YCDTOTV has brought laughter and good times and created great memories for so many. Your work in digital media and now with your own business, you have much to be thankful for.
    I watched the show in the early 80s and I didn’t like it in 86 when you left. I also didn’t get the jokes about your appearance. But I guess I was bias, one of many pre teen/early teen crushes from the 80s. You also did another television show where you wore glasses and was supposed to be a “nerdy” girl or something.
    Since you’re Canadian, I must ask, what’s your favorite Hockey team? Pittsburgh Penguins fan here. 🙂

  25. Tim McGlade

    Hi Christine,

    We’ve never met and stumbled across you through Google. I was looking into my ancestry (we’re not related) and I stumbled across your name and DOB. Amazing coincidence – we were born 1 day a part in the same year with the same sir name. Funny happenstance. Be well.


  26. claire freeman

    Wow “Moose” (do you still go by that nickname or is it just Christine these days?)

    I am also a Gen X-er who totally grew up on MTV and Nickelodeon in the early 80’s. Was just strolling down amnesia lane and found this site. Having grown up way down south in South Carolina it was always “funny” how you Canadians talked. Couldn’t figure out why y’all talked so funny. haha Anywho… great memories of watching You Can’t Do That On Television. You were by far the coolest cast member and I seem to recall several times as a child pretending to be Moose in front of the mirror. I also had a crush on Kevin Kubechesckie (can’t begin to know how to spell that one!) So thanks for the great laughs and now memories from your show!

    Take care and Good luck 🙂
    claire freeman

  27. Steve

    Moooooose! Sorry, can’t help it. You’ll always be Moose to me. I was wondering if you could help me with a problem I am trying to figure out. Someone told me that “H2O” stood for something but I’m still struggling to figure it out. Could you help answer that questions for me?

  28. Matt

    Hi Christine,

    This was a blast from the past! I was 10 in 1980 and like so many young Canadian kifs I watched YCDTOT religiously. So many have posted their crushes on you I should also admit to it.

    Thanks for the entertainment and the memories.

    All the best,


  29. David James

    Hi! Just found YCDTOT online. I had forgotten so much about it, including the crush I had on you back in the day(I just realized I was 6 when the show started–lol). I hope you are still doing well and that God blesses you greatly. Thanks for the part you played in that show and my childhood!

  30. Roger Allison

    Hi Christine. I hope all is well with you. My name is Roger Allison. Back in 1985 I worked with you and Roger on Turkey TV. It’s been a while, but I’d like to try and purchase copies of the show. I was hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction. Any information would be appreciated. My contact info is Rogerallison68@gmail.com or text 647-407-9230 if you have any suggestions on the best place to start. Thanks.

  31. Chris Kup

    Good afternoon Christine
    My names Chris and I host a show on YouTube called ONSTAGE PODCAST and we’d love it if you’d be a guest on on our show for an interview, talk about playing ‘Moose” on You Can’t Do That On Télévision’’, whether you and Alanis Morissette connected and about your acting journey and Director of Interactive at TVO before you left etc. Would this possible? Thanks for grazing us on TV and hope we can speak to you soon – Chris | HOST of ONSTAGE PODCAST

    Would you be available


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